Dry cleaner’s

After working with the artisans to the realization of prototypes, we realized that it was essential to act on some of the machining processes, such as dyeing, because they should be more respectful of the person and the environment.



The dry cleaners is in the hut of a craft: the pots, undersized for this use are the same in which food is cooked; the space is cramped, dark and ventilated; jute is dyed on a clay stove proceeds from the floor; the fire is fed through a small cavity with dry leaves, twigs and small pieces of paper collected in the village. There is no running water in the hut: this process, in addition to being harmful to the craft, does not allow a quality tincture: jute, after being dyed, was not rinsed, continuing to release the color in the finished product.


Based on the characteristics of the place, we asked an engineer to draw up the final design which also foresaw running water. We followed step by step the construction of the structure, providing time to time the necessary information.




The project is now finished and the dry cleaners active


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