Aware Conception

In early January 2016 began the implementation of the project “AWARE CONCEPTION” – agreed with the SAMS, a local NGO that works in the Sunderban, the southern region of Bangladesh, extremely rugged territory for the presence of foci of numerous mouths of rivers – salt made by the ebb of the sea, covered by mangrove forests within which people live in small villages.

We wanted to address the issue of sex education and birth control, even with our small forces, because there seems to be a priority issue for Bangladesh because is the most densely populated country in the world. We set out to make sure that this project is continuous over time and gradually extending the territory. The plan for the sex education courses are initially held by a Bangladeshi doctor flanked by a girl Munda (tribal communities of southern Bangladesh). The latter will then follow a specific training course – funded by us – on issues related to sexuality, conception and contraception, so that it is then able to conduct the next session. In this second phase, to her another Munda girl will be supported which will follow the same path, and so on. The project is structured through a revived form in 5 different localities in which also incorporates people from neighboring villages. In these days, in addition to providing power to the participants, we stand for a refund for the cost of transport as well as a small allowance for lost working days in order to participate in meetings.



Each module is composed of three meetings, respectively dedicated to women, men and couples.

WOMEN: knowledge of the reproductive system, menstruation, ovulation, fertile period, contraception, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause – lasted 18 hours in 3 days.

MEN: male and female reproductive organs, aspects of pregnancy and childbirth involving humans; how to avoid unwanted pregnancy: ovulation, fertile period, contraception – lasted 12 hours over 2 days.

COUPLES: study on contraceptive methods; free distribution to those who request it, with separate meetings for women and men on the proper management of the chosen method – lasted 8 hours in 2 days.

Overall, the 5 modules involved 100 women, 100 men and 50 couples; requests for access to one of the birth control systems (discussed in detail during the meetings) have been around 40 for women, 50 for men and 30 for the couples.

During the meetings, there were several requirements to which we have provided: the distribution of calcium and iron tablets to pregnant women in the previous 3 months and 3 months after childbirth, the need to use sanitary towels (of course, it is not possible that use absorbent disposable; therefore we are doing produce absorbent site – to wash and disinfect – in sets consisting of an outer part applicable to underpants and 5 internal parts to be replaced in the course of the day; we provided each woman of 2 set that they should alternate washing every day those used the previous day).

This part of the project was completed at the end of June 2016.
July started the second phase, which consists of “court yard” (meetings of a day in the square of 10 villages) to monthly rotation according to a fixed timetable, for a period of six months.


These meetings are used to monitor the effectiveness of the first phase meeting, to verify the correct usage of contraceptives – possibly providing further guidance – and to deliver them on a monthly basis, as well as other supplies: tablets of calcium and iron, absorbent.

In July total in the 10 villages visited, 232 people took part, with a high percentage of women.

There has been a greater openness to sharing problems and individual experiences, greater peace of mind in dealing with topics that in the first meeting provoked unease.

At the end of the 6 months period (late December 2016) we will carry out an evaluation of the results achieved by the two different types of interventions, before to repeat the whole cycle to another area.

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