100 KANTHA’S STORIES ☞ Fabric design from Bangladesh

Price is Rice is also involved in the conservation and promotion of traditional craft skills in Bangladesh.
Over the centuries the Indian Subcontinent has developed a wealth of weaving techniques and processes of ennobling the unique fabric in the world.
This heritage is still alive and belongs to the daily life of these populations, even if in the big cities a western lifestyle and consumption is spreading, especially among the middle and upper classes.
Today, most women who belong to the most disadvantaged and who live in rural areas, still wear sari, men dhoti and lungi, produced industrially and at low cost.This trend is putting at risk of extinction techniques and traditional knowledge, as well as the survival of the artisans themselves.
On the other hand, women’s craftsmanship has a strong social value because, thanks to the economic independence it generates, it allows women to escape at least part of the culturally accepted male decision-making power, allowing them to be an active part in managing their own family and in life. of the village but above all guarantees the preservation of traditions and skills that risk extinguishing.
Our commitment is therefore addressed to these productions, so that they do not become merely museum citations.

100 KANTHA’S STORIES is a project born with the aim of activating (or reactivating), through the contribution of children, the expressive capacity of the Bangladesh embroidering craftsmen, who possess great dexterity and use ancient and refined working techniques. But theirs is now only a technical ability, repetitive, not supported by a creative exercise.
We therefore thought to steal from the children their imagination, the freedom with which
express their dreams, asking them to invent, write and draw stories.
From the drawings of the children, some graphic elements have been extrapolated, sometimes used
recomposing them, for the conception of a series of products made and embroidered by
mothers-craftsmen, using local fabrics and applying the ancient technique of kantha.
This process allowed to collect and document fantastic invented stories
by children and interpreted by women, to solicit the expression of that refined taste
traditional now forgotten.
The artisanal work of women is an important support to improve and strengthen its role, also economic, in the family and in the local community; moreover it allows the protection of small marginal communities, facilitating their stay in the territory of origin without these being forced to move to big cities to find sources of livelihood.

100 KANTHA’S STORIES ☞ Fabric design from Bangladesh

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